Malvat ja vuohenkellot kukkivat – Mallows and bellflowers are blooming

11 thoughts on “Malvat ja vuohenkellot kukkivat – Mallows and bellflowers are blooming

  1. Att Malva och knölklocka kunde bli så vackert
    ha det så bra

  2. The bellflowers are such a lovely shade of purple, my favorite color! Where I live, bellflowers usually bloom in the spring.

  3. Satu, your mallows(malvas) are very high and bloom a long time. Nice garden!

  4. Nice blog love the colourful flowers of such healthy plants. By the way SATU in our language is ONE… cheers, have a nice day.

    bangchik and kakdah

  5. Malvat ovat niin kauniita, mutta kovia kaatuilemaan – ainakin tänä vuonna! Ensi kesäksi rakennan jotkut viritelmät, että kasvit pysyisivät pystyssä…

    T. Sari Puumulista

  6. I love the Mallows and bought one of these plants a couple of weeks ago. The Blue bellflowers sometimes grow wild here. I had some in my garden, but found them to be very invasive and so removed them. They are a really pretty flower however.

  7. I absolutely love Malva and Bellflowers. I've tried them over and over again in our garden but they don't like it here obviously. So glad I could enjoy them in your garden though. Thanks!

  8. Looking at the pictures of your posts, you have so many different and pretty flowers in your garden! really beautiful.

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