Tassunalle – Paw bear

Tassunalle – Paw bear

Tässä vastaus Viherpiiperryksen Katjan haasteeseen tassunallesta! Siinä on Akun tassusta tehty nallukka. Pistän haasteen eteenpäin kaikille tassullisille bloggaajille. ;O) Here’s an answer to Katja’s challenge to make a bear from your pet’s paw! Here’s a bear made from Aku’s paw. I pass this challenge to all of them who have paws in their family. ;O)

10 thoughts on “Tassunalle – Paw bear

  1. That's the cutest little bear that i have ever seen. Unfortunately Ben would not sit still for one minute, to let me get a photo.

  2. Aku is easy to photograph. He just sleeps and sleeps…, doesn't even notice, if I lift his paw.

  3. Very cute! I have nominated your blog for a Sunshine award. To claim the award, you must answer a few questions and nominate others to receive the award. My blog post from Friday has instructions.

  4. Thank you, Tina. We had that challenge because of the animals' week.

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